Black Hand is a Creative Commons production by Paolo and Roberto Pavan: jazz compositions created over the last three years, entirely self-produced.

“Black Hand” is the black hand, the soul that has always fed my musical research. It represents the hand of Afro-American musicians, expression of that free music, devoid of constrictions, mental schemes, styles and clichés, almost an escape from the prison of form.

  I want to thank my Trio friends: Carmine Iuvone, Francesco Merenda, Federico Orfanò and the guests Davide Marinacci and Giacomo Tantillo, very talented musicians. Paolo Pavan Piano Francesco Merenda & Federico Orfanò drums Carmine Iuvone Double Bass Guest: Davide Marinacci Tenor Sax Giacomo Tantillo Trumpet   special “Ja Jazz” Vox Guest Sara Pavan Recorded, mixed, mastered by Roberto Pavan  Cover by Federico Bartoli all song are composed by Paolo Pavan under CC license